Dr. Richard Lynch


Dr. Lynch received his Chiropractic Degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Dr. Lynch is a very kind and compassionate doctor who takes the time to listen to each patient to differentiate their unique symptoms and develop a proper course of care.

A message from the Doctor:
“My goal is to provide cost-effective chiropractic care for the purpose of increasing spinal mobility and integrity, as well as to relieve pain and suffering from new/old injuries or chronic conditions. I will find the source of your problem, correct the problem with chiropractic adjustments, Rehabilitation strategies, and provide education to help prevent a recurrence. The big topic today is preventative healthcare which is the basis of chiropractic treatment and education within the chiropractic community. We all agree that exercise, proper nutrition, stress reduction, health education, and regular check-ups to name a few can go a long way towards disease prevention. But what is often missed and equally important is spinal health. A healthy spine is free of pain or tenderness, has a full range of motion, and doesn’t hurt while sitting, standing, or walking. However, if you have pain or decreased movement and ignore it now, it can lead to serious spinal problems as you age. A little prevention now can go a long way toward optimal health moving forward!”
Dr. Lynch


Front Desk

Corinne is at the front desk to welcome you to our office. She will show you around and help you with the necessary paperwork. She will also make sure you have your next appointments scheduled.


Office and Billing Manager

Cara is our In-House billing expert with 13 years’ experience. She will help answer any questions about your insurance coverage and make sure you understand your coverage options.